Rendering Translucent Materials
Real-Time HDR Image Based Lighting
Mesh Operations For Visual Effects
Real-Time Parallax Mapping
Real-Time GLSL Shading
Cartoon Style Animation

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The purpose of this project was to render translucent materials using the rendering techniques learnt on the Advanced Global Illumination course. Subsurface Scattering is a complex and exciting issue so we decided to work on it. We have chosen Jensen's et al.'s paper A rapid hierarchical render ing technique for translucent materials for our implementation. He uses an octree structure to evaluate irradiance points sampled uniformly across the surface of a mesh. This technique provides fast rendering times as well good quality renderings, altough, it gets quite difficult to come up with values that faithfully represent real materials. We have used Greg Turk's Point Repulsion algorithm (Will's part) to sample points across the surface. Then, using the hierarchical evaluation, we sample the points that store pre-computed Irradiance values using Irradiance Caching methods for the final rendering. For that, we used the offline renderer PBRT. PBRT framework is not build for this kind of approach, so, some changes were made on it's core in order to support our implementation. In this project I was responsible for the hierarchical evaluation (described briefly above) as well as for the Irradiance Caching part. For more details consult our report.