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Real-Time HDR Image Based Lighting
Mesh Operations For Visual Effects
Real-Time Parallax Mapping
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Cartoon Style Animation

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Parallax Mapping is a recent techinque that can be used instead of Bump Mapping producing more realistic results with small decrease in frame-rate. As opposed to Bump Mapping, Parallax Mapping takes into accoung the view direction in tangent space. The underlying idea is to convey the parallax effect when the angle between the view direction and surface normal changes - displacing the texture coordinate on the polygon surface by a function of that angle and the height value at that point. Moreover, it is possible to ray-trace and find micro-facets shadowing other micro-facets, however, our graphics cards didn't allow loops, so, that approach was skipped (can be found here: Dynamic Parallax Occlusion Mapping with Approximate Soft Shadows ) The project was done in a group of two in a totally peer-programming approach. This project was implemented as the final project for the course of Real-Time Rendering.