Rendering Translucent Materials
Real-Time HDR Image Based Lighting
Mesh Operations For Visual Effects
Real-Time Parallax Mapping
Real-Time GLSL Shading
Cartoon Style Animation

Source Code - SVN

Phong Video (.avi 1.8 MB)

Toon Shading Video (.avi 2.9 MB)

Glow Video (.avi 1.9 MB)
Phong Shading: Phong BRDF implemented on the fragment shader.
Toon Shading (with silhouette): The Toon shader uses 2D Textures (optimizable to use only 1D Textures) that are indexed given the cosine between the normal N and the viewing direction V. The silhouette is created by drawing a wireframe version of the backfaces of the object, culling the front faces and finally playing with the line thickness to convey a toony style to the edges.
Glow Shading: The Glow shader is divided in to two parts: the glow source and the original model. The glow source is a wireframe version of a 3D model. That source is blurred on the shader and blended on another pass with the original model, producing a sensation of glow around it. The passes were done using FBO's (Framebuffer Objects) and automatic generated MipMaps to achieve maximum speed. In the course of Real-Time Rendering, on the Shading part, I implemented three different shaders using GLSL: Phong Shading, Toon Shading and Real-Time Glow. More details can be found on the report and source code.