Education and Training Work Experience
Recommendations Technical Skills
Education and Training
January 2006 to March 2008   Master's Programme in Advanced Computer Graphics
LiTH/LiU, Norrköping - Sweden
September 2002 to July 2003   ERASMUS Higher Education Student Exchange Program Grant
Department of Informatics ‚Äď University of Pisa, Italy
September 1998 to September 2004   Licenciatura (equivalent to 5 year BSc. degree) in Informatics Engineering
Department of Informatics FCT/UNL, Lisbon
Work Experience
September 2013 to Present   Senior Software Engineer at Samsung Research UK (Staines, UK)
Research and development of real-time physically-plausible graphics for mobile devices and VR/AR.
May 2008 to August 2013   VFX Developer at the R&D Department, Framestore (London, UK)
Houdini (ROPs, CHOPs, SOPs, OTLs) and Maya plugins for in-house geometry cache and particle formats. DSM conversion tool between Mantra/Renderman. Currently developing an in-house node-based volume rendering tool for Renderman.
April 2008 to May 2008   Modelling and Animation Lab Assistant (LiU, Norrkoping, SE)
Mesh Data Structures; Mesh Simplification; Splines and Subdivision Surfaces; Implicit Surfaces and Level Sets; Fluid and Smoke Simulation
Under the supervision of Prof. Björn Gudmundsson, Ola Nilsson and Gunnar Johansson
October 2007 to February 2008   Software Intern at Digital Domain (Venice, CA, US)
M.Sc. Thesis: Mesh Operations for Visual Effects. Mesh Decimation and Non-Convex Polygon Triangulation in Houdini (SOP development); Custom Mesh Cutting using 1-degree NURBS curves in Maya;
Under the supervision of Ken Museth, Doug Roble and Craig Zerouni
March 2007 to June 2007   Introduction to Computer Graphics Lab Assistant (LiU, Norrkoping, SE)
Course Keywords: Rendering Pipeline; Geometry and Polygons; View Space Transformations; Local/Global Lighting Models
Under the supervision of Prof. Matthew Cooper
March 2007 to June 2007   Introduction to Computer Graphics (Swedish Programme) Lab Assistant (LiU, SE)
Course Keywords: Graphics Programming in Java; Basic Math Concepts; Rendering Pipeline; Texture Mapping; Ray-Tracing
Under the supervision of Prof. Patric Ljung
December 2004 to December 2005   Analyst / Programmer in Java - GEDI, S.A. (Lisbon, PT)
Web application development/refactoring using Java technology, Struts framework, Spring framework and Hibernate framework; Extreme Programming
October 2004 to December 2004   Introduction To Programming Lab Assistant (Nova Uni., PT)
Course Keywords: Introduction to Algorithms and Basic Data Structures; Pascal Language
Under the supervision of Prof. Manuel Próspero dos Santos
February 2004 to February 2005   R&D Internship - National Institute of Engineering, Tech. and Innovation(INETI, Lisbon,PT)
Development of Visual Applications for Simulation on Defense in C++, Java and OpengL: Radar Clutter; 3D Tracking of Missiles; 2D Visualization of Radar Consoles
Technical Skills
Fluent in: C, C++, Java
Good knowledge in: Pascal/Delphi, Javascript, C#
Experience in: MEL, Python
Fluent in: OpenGL 2.0 (incl. GLSL), GLUT
Good knowledge in: MFC, PBRT, VRML
Experience in: OpenSceneGraph, VTK, FLTK, OpenMP, Intel TBB, Boost
Good knowledge in: Houdini 9 (DSO progr), Maya (Plugin progr)
Experience in: Houdini 8, Adobe Photoshop
Fluent in: Visual Studio .NET/2003, Eclipse
Good knowledge in: SVN, CVS, Git, Linux, Windows XP
Ramprasad Sampath, Sr. Technical Director - Digital Domain   "I had the opportunity of working with Joao at Digital Domain and use his mesh decimation tool... As a programmer Joao's code was extremely organized and well structured and extensible. As an artist I found Joao to be extremely talented with a very keen eye for detail... I think Joao is a great asset for any company."
Dr. Doug Roble, Creative Director of Software - Digital Domain   "Jo√£o was an intern at Digital Domain in 2007/2008. He was a top-notch intern. Showing intelligence, creativity and perseverance in solving complex problems. I was quite impressed with him."
Dr. Matt Cooper, Senior Lecturer - ITN, LiU, Sweden   "‚ĶHe is a capable programmer and acquires new skills with ease‚Ķself-motivating and very willing to research and explore new methods and techniques when appropriate‚Ķ In short I cannot recommend Jo√£o more highly‚Ķ He has been a pleasure to work with..."
Afonso Rem√©dios, Developer - GEDI, Portugal   "Jo√£o is a very good object oriented developer and a good collegue to discuss technical questions. Besides it's always nice to work with someone who is a fast learner and knows how to search and find solutions."
Marcos Bento, Software Engineer - DEIMOS Engineering   "Jo√£o Pedro is an excellent working colleague, always ready to lend a helping hand. He is extremely committed to the all development tasks and his effort always results in outstanding work."